We have closed over 66,000 accounts and collected more than $14.7 Million in assets for our clients since December of 2015. The first projects we took on were aged small balance projects. Our clients were so pleased with our results that they asked us to take on both mid-range and large balance projects. In June of 2019, we began working on accounts in their new EPIC system. The charts below show the results for each of the individual projects for an acute care health system, which has 2 hospitals.

MARS was engaged to collect small balance accounts up to $1100.00 for a hospital system in VA. We've collected over $2.1M and closed over 34,800 accounts in Small Balance Assets since December 2015. 


Total Small Balance Payments Through September 30, 2019 — $2,136,537.88


The same hospital system engaged us for a separate project with balances of $1101.00 - $2500.00 with insurances of all classes. We've collected over $2M and closed over 6,700 accounts in Mid-Range Assets since September 2017.


Total Mid-Range Payments Through March 31, 2021 — $2,037,020.99


MARS was engaged by a hospital system in VA to collect large balances in their Legacy System. We've collected over $7.5M and closed over 2,000 accounts in Large Balance Assets since May 2018.


Total Large Balance Payments Through March 31, 2021 — $7,448,695.46


In the 2nd Quarter of 2018 the client went live on EPIC. We've collected over $3.1M and closed over 22,500 accounts in the new system since June of 2019.


Total EPIC Payments Through March 31, 2021 — $3,109,350.63